Safety Gear

All riders must have the following safety gear:

1) Damage free BSI, DOT or SNELL full-face helmet with face shield (flip-up full face helmets are not allowed).

2) Riding boots that fully cover the ankle.

3) Gauntlet style motorcycle gloves with full wrist coverage.

4) Riding Suit (one of the following):

- One piece leather suit.            
- Two piece leather suit (Two piece leather suits must zip together).

5) Back Protectors are highly recommended.

Safety Gear and Bike Preparation

Bike Preparation
All motorcycles must satisfy the following requirements:

1) Motorcycle must not leak any fluids.

Front and Rear Brakes must be in good working order.
3) Self-closing throttle in good working condition.
4) Handle bar mounted, fully functional kill switch/button.
5) All glass and reflective surfaces must be taped over completely or removed.
6) Brake lights must be disabled (removing fuses) or taped over.
7) All valve stems must be capped.
8) Wheel balance weights must be secured to the wheels (taped over).
9) License plates must be removed or taped (including bolts).
10) Spikes, blades (or any other pointed/sharp protrusions) on bodywork, screen, levers, sliders or bar ends, must be removed.
11) All bodywork must be securely fastened.
12) Oil filter wire-tie (this is not required, but highly recommended). It’s a good idea to check the snugness of your drain pan bolt and oil filter. 
13) Chain must be adjusted properly.
14) No motorcycles with a displacement smaller than 125cc 2-strokes or 150cc 4-strokes. 

Note: Sound Certification is NOT REQUIRED.

Rider Cancellations and Refund 

You will have until 5 days before the event to obtain a full refund for the registration. Request for refund must be submitted via email to Details of transaction (Pay Date, Payer Name, Invoice #, Event Date) must be provided in the email. Refunds will be issued directly to the credit card source which was used to register for the event (or you may request a credit).

Once the event is less than 5 days away, a refund to your credit card cannot be provided. However, you may request a credit toward a future event.


All Track Day events have a "rain-or-shine policy." Unless you receive an event cancellation notice, expect to ride.

Liability Waiver

All rider participants, guests, and spectators must sign a liability waiver before being allowed on track property. If you are riding and are under the age of 18, a parent/guardian must be present and sign the liability waiver. Guests and spectators must stay in the paddock and approved viewing areas.

The risk of serious injury, even death, and costly property damage will always be present when riding a motorcycle at fast speeds. By participating in a track day you are assuming these risks and are agreeing not to hold the track, its owners and staff, Fox Motorsports, or any other person participating in the track day liable for any injury or harm that you may sustain at the track. You will be required to sign a more comprehensive waiver upon checking-in at the track.
Due to the limited number of riders attending Fox Track Day events (about 10 riders per day), ambulance services and on-site paramedic staff will NOT be readily available at the track. All ambulance services will be located in Willcox, Arizona, approximately 10 miles away. All riders, guests, and spectators participate at their own risk.


Crash definition: Any event which leads to the handle bar touching the ground (on track, or off track).

Depending on the severity of the crash, you may be asked to sit out a while to make sure that you are OKAY and are able to function properly. Track day staff must be notified and your crashed bike inspected prior to its return to the track. If you re-enter the track without notifying track day staff, you will be asked to load up your equipment and leave the facility. This is for the safety of everyone.

If you crash and track day staff determines that you should not proceed with the day, their decision is final. Decisions may be based on your physical condition, the manner of your crash, as well as the condition of your bike and gear. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. There is no appeal to this policy.